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Image of Small Double Collar
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Small Double Collar

Small Double Collar in neon turquoise and neon coral! WOW! Did I say hand dyed yarns also?….

This hand knitted collar will bring joy and vibrant energy to your outfit and and fun longevity to your wardrobe!

This collar is created with brioche stitch which gives the collar a cuddly and graphic texture - almost a 3-D effect. The materials used are deliciously soft.

It's fits either close or further from your neck depending on how you style it. Smallest measure is about a 50 cm neckline.

Wear it over jackets, hoodies, dresses, sweaters... endless combinations that gives your outfit that 'extra'.

This handcrafted design needs many hours of knitting before completion.
If it matters to you that your fashion accessories are sealed with loving creating energy and craftmansship - this is for you.

All designs are intuitive and created in a playful and joyful vibe by Sofie Skovlund Poulsen in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Colour and texture are always key elements.

Materials: 2 strands of hand dyed thin alpaca and wool blend, 1 strand of hand
dyed thin merino and 1 strand og hand dyed silk mohair.

This is a hand knitted item therefore irregularities will occur. This is valued highly and is part of the expression.

Colours are not easily presented correctly in a photo. The colours may vary slightly from what you experience here on the website.

Take good care of your collar and air it when possible. If you need to wash it, do it gently by hand in cold water with detergent for wool and delicate fabrics. Do not stretch when wet and dry flat.

Image of Small Double Collar
Image of Small Double Collar